I always encouraged my kids to get a good education so they could have satisfying jobs and flexibility in their lifestyles. Given my expectations, I felt an obligation to provide opportunities and support.

My kids were launched, sputtering along the way. I had a few years of peace,  experiencing the joys of an empty nest. I could eat popcorn for dinner; I could come and go as I pleased, date and stay out all night without censure.

Then I got the call from Gill that would end my solitude. Tears rolled down my cheeks, my mascara combining with wrinkles to give Gene Simmons a run for his money.

Once again I would have a child living with me. There would be adjustments for both of us. She had also been on her own with the challenges of navigating her life. But her end goal, a PhD, required sacrifice on both our parts. She had no other financial option but to return home during the summers. When she appeared at my door, the saga of Laurie and Gill began.

Our adventure lasted for four summers and a further year-and-a-half in which she languished in my house, tortured my dog and tried to find work. She applied to anything and everything, from Toronto to Vancouver to Glasgow and London. As the days ticked by, she was fast becoming part of The Lost Generation.

She eventually found a job in London, England.

I had mixed feelings when she prepared for her departure. We had become close and I didn’t want to see her go. Gill and I had to find a way to laugh, love, and annoy each other from afar — hence the evolution of the blog.

We hope that other families will relate to our back and forth jabs and laugh (or cry) with us.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Lovely blog. Just dropping by to say that I have really enjoyed reading all of this so far (I still have many posts to get through but my lunch break is coming to an end!).

  2. Thanks for dropping by “Honey.” Will be back later to read.

  3. My mother and sister lived together until my sister turned 40. Let me repeat that. 40. Both are still alive. Just.

  4. I have nominated you for the Word Press Family Award. Stop by and check it out.

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