It’s finally happened. I’ve been dumped!

Actually, it’s more like a modern day ‘de-coupling’. After nearly six years of writing “Hey Ma I’m Home” with my daughter Gill, the decision has come to turn it into a blog written by me — with the option to have Gill contribute the occasional post when she can’t stand my lone musings any longer.

I’ll still cover the same range of topics — hopefully with humor– about foibles, funny occurrences, and newsworthy items that hit a common chord. And, of course, since I live in ‘The Blue House of Birds and Barks’ there will continue to be many stories of weird, wonderful pets and Boomerang children. Even though they no longer live at home with me, the children still return frequently for visits — to ensure that I haven’t thrown out any of their valuable junk (oops, excuse me, ‘treasures’), gone around the bend (although many would argue I already have), or broken anything crucial (such as my ankles while tottering about in not-very-sensible high heels).

I invite our readers to follow along on my journey to a crusty, irreverent, wacky old age. With the occasional self-pitying moan about my inevitable aging, I intend to go kicking, screaming, and laughing through it all. Do come along for the ride!


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Lovely blog. Just dropping by to say that I have really enjoyed reading all of this so far (I still have many posts to get through but my lunch break is coming to an end!).

  2. Thanks for dropping by “Honey.” Will be back later to read.

  3. My mother and sister lived together until my sister turned 40. Let me repeat that. 40. Both are still alive. Just.

  4. I have nominated you for the Word Press Family Award. Stop by and check it out.

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