Hello, Dear Readers: In my last blog before we took a slight hiatus, I promised that we’d be back today with more interesting stories/disasters. There have been so many goings-on, so much fun (too much, really), and of course, small disasters (glitches) that we are totally spent. We are exhausted.

Gill returns to the UK this week to go back to her day job and write her second novel. She can barely hold her head up and has come close to falling asleep, her face in her dinner, several times this week. In addition to L’il Sis’s wedding, Gill will have had, by the time she leaves, two book launches for her debut novel “The Last Wave”–one in Toronto and one here in Waterloo. In incredibly exciting news, she is on the CBC’s Book List of ‘Writers To Watch in 2017’!  It is a well-deserved honor — said as the proud mother!

Having said that, we haven’t had time to write more blogs for this week so we won’t officially be back until next Monday. We have so many topics lined up, it will take some time to run out of material once we return, though. I look at them and wonder how one family can have so many wacky things happen. Or perhaps it’s just our perception of them — laughter remains our fallback position!

We look forward to returning and hope you’ll be with us.If you’re really desperate to read about our adventures, feel free to browse through past posts you may have missed. I know, you have to wash your hair or have a pressing need to organize your sock drawer. We get it…but hope springs eternal! See you next week.