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It’s been exciting times here lately. Last weekend, The Man In My Life and I went to a function at my Alma Mater(formal and somewhat churchy). It was an occasion that called for us to discard our usual jeans/pantsuit, t-shirt and running shoe semi-retirement wardrobes in favor of suits and high heels (suits for both of us; the heels for me…I didn’t have a pair that would fit him. Besides, ‘matchy-matchy’ can go too far!)

Not being religious, we tried to overlook the churchy part (I didn’t take part in the prayers and hymns  by utilizing my ‘I’m blind as a bat and forgot my glasses’ routine )and instead focused on the reception following….well, the free-flowing wine, yummy hors d’oeuvres and the many catchups with friends, to be precise. Everyone was in high spirits (higher after the wine).And interestingly, the Chancellor of the event couldn’t attend since he had a horse running in the Kentucky Derby! It lost…leading one to think that perhaps, if he’d been praying instead of enjoying mint juleps, things might have gone better for his horse. Oh, who am I kidding? We were drinking too and a mint julep would have been delightful.

Never being one to shy away from an opportunity, I went armed to this formal event with the autographed copy of Gill’s book that had arrived just the day before in the mail. ‘Proud mother’ doesn’t begin to explain or excuse my behavior. I toted it along, showing everyone who’d pay attention. I was pimping out her book –likely earning myself the unofficial title of the Pimp Mother From Hell– and proud to do it.I was insistent, possibly (probably) obnoxious, pushy, and pesky in my perky enthusiasm to laud her book.

At the edge of a group of people, I’d insinuate myself closer , wait for an opening — any brief pause at all–butt in, and ask firmly:”Have you seen this? ” I then flashed the copy, making sure that my hand was held in such a way as to underline her name, and add: “It’s her first published novel. She’s been interviewed on the BBC, by several blog writers, and is doing pod casts. She’d love to have it picked up as a television series…” Of course she would; wouldn’t we all? But, on this Mother’s Day weekend, I’m using my motherly prerogative to the hilt.

By the time I finished my one-woman sales extravaganza, the room knew my daughter’s lengthy process to get the novel written, all the impediments she had to her success (including several of her major illnesses –excluding only her bout of scurvy and phobia about cutting her toenails and brushing her hair,) what color her favorite writing sweater is, the name of her local pub and the precise location of the shitty Tesco in which she is often forced to shop for food when she’s too tired to walk further or too hungover to care.

My kids know I’m like this with anything they have done — from broadcasting far and wide the current television show Crazy D is working on or the lovely piece of clothing L’il Sis has made that I’m modeling. And, being my chatty self and loving nothing more than a good hard sell, I do this  even with my own writing.I’d stand on a freeway entrance and hand out sample articles if I thought I could get away with it without getting hit by a car.

I take umbrage that the world of ‘social media’ has become the mainstream  of human interaction now. To a large extent, I am my own social media.Who needs Twitter? I really am the original ‘Tweeter’. Just ask my canaries! True, my fingernails aren’t worn down to nothing from my constant pecking on techie devices to promote things.

My bunions, though? I suppose an argument could be made that my frequent tottering about on high heels to ‘hawk the family wares’ has only aggravated my feet problems. I foresee a very busy social schedule this summer, with coffee dates, lunches and dinners with friends during which I will regale them with details of Gill’s excellent novel — just enough to tantalize them into purchasing it, but never enough to convince them they know so much they feel they’ve already experienced it and don’t need to fork over cold, hard cash to buy it.

The best thing about the whole scenario is that, when I began reading her book, I actually thought it was wonderful! I was prepared, I suppose, like any proud mom, to like it no matter what. After all, that’s what a parent does. But I was thrilled to discover how good it is…all of which makes my sales pitch genuine and a pleasure to do!

I suppose it would be tacky to mention the title of Gill’s book here…but with the above preamble, you, dear followers, would be surprised and  disappointed if I didn’t. So, only to avoid crushing your expectations, should you feel so inclined, do check out “The Last Wave”…available online now or on August 26 in North America. I hope you’ll forgive my pushiness…but just think: your mom would do exactly the same thing! Happy belated Mom’s Day to us all!