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Oooh, I love it when people decorate for Easter! As far as I’m concerned, the decor is the best part about Easter. I have long, long been a fan of the brightly coloured tin foil wrappers around chocolates – so much so that The Mom keeps a stash in the freezer for me to enjoy whenever I’m home and we’re playing catch-up with missed holidays. The wrapping is just so shiny and pretty! And the baskets with the plastic hay! Those are great too. And the chicks and bunnies! Basically, Easter as far as decorations go, has it made.

And this new habit – particularly easy to find in the suburbs where The Mom lives – of decorating the trees so they can feel like they’re part of everything is also fantastic as far as I’m concerned. Look, Easter can be a tricky holiday in Canada – you’re never sure if it’s going to snow or not, the leaves on the trees probably aren’t out yet, and most of the flowers aren’t up. The place needs some jazzing up and I am all for it. I think The Mom can really only rouse herself for one round a year of outside decoration and then she’s done with it. Though, as I recall, when I was there, she did not find my Day of the Dead flags to be a welcome addition to the outside ‘look’ of the house. More the fool her, I say.

I was wildly thinking I might have a quick jaunt home at Easter because I get five days off and I thought it would be easy enough to take on another day or two if I could get a cheap flight. But I’ve been busy doing editing and final proofreading of my novel which is out here in the UK next month, and so didn’t get around to looking for flights – cheap or otherwise. In fact, I haven’t left my flat much, and so over the Easter break I plan to do Sweet F*ck All.

I’m really looking forward to it. I will take afternoon naps, I will swim, I will maybe do some yoga, and I will read, and I will go for walks with friends, and I will book the things that need to be booked so that I can function for the next few months. I know that might not seem like – oh, and I will also start researching my next book starting with an interview at 2.30pm with someone at Age UK – I realise this might not seem like doing nothing, but given what I’ve been up to recently, this is a much decreased schedule. It’s also of course not complete, but I think it’s pretty reasonable.

There’s a good chance that one day I will wind up in the pub – whether to read or just get blind drunk because I can sleep the entire next day remains undecided – but I feel certain that a trip to the pub is in the offing. Also, if I want a nice Easter dinner, then I’ll have to go to the pub because I feel that I will not be interested in making big meals with lots of cleaning up.

I’m sure though that when I talk to The Mom and whoever else has turned up at the house in search of a dinner they have not given advance warning of wanting (as is our way of keeping The Mom sharp) that I’ll very much wish I was at home – even if it’s snowing. I always miss holidays with my family, even if half the time we’re on screens or shouting at dogs or one another.

And anyhow, naps are mandatory at The Mom’s so you know, I’d still be getting the rest I so desperately need!