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As I was out walking this morning, I saw  a neighbor’s tree decorated for Easter. There were colored plastic eggs hanging from the branches, just like Christmas baubles adorn Christmas trees from Hallowe’en to early April. (Yes, I’m being a bit snarky about people who just can’t seem to get around to removing the remnants of a holiday long gone, that has, with the bursting of spring tulips,worn out its welcome and dried up any enthusiasm that even the most ardent celebrant –like myself– might have had.) Now, it seems to me that, cute as these egg ornaments were, they appeared a bit ridiculous. I mean, what self-respecting Easter bunny would go to the trouble of climbing up a tree, leaning precariously out on the limbs (risking his fat little cotton-tailed self) just for plastic eggs? Now, if you’re talking CHOCOLATE eggs, that’s an entirely different scenario. Of course, had they been chocolate eggs, they probably would have been vandalized by the local kids — if they could get to them before I did…which is highly unlikely, given my love of chocolate.

We didn’t plan much for Easter this year since Gill is in the UK, Crazy D and his girlfriend are visiting her parents near Kingston and L’il Sis and The Fiance are exhausted from work and trying to convince their Dominican rescue mutt Groucho that winter is actually over and that it’s safe (and desirable) to venture forth into the great outdoors without fear of freezing his delicate paws. He was given snow boots for this, his first winter in the Frozen North, but really, they were more hindrance than they were worth. Seeing the poor dog do his awkward dance, trying to get used to walking in them almost persuaded me to buy him a plane ticket back to his homeland for some sun and beach time!

So you can see, dear readers, we have our hands full without making a Big Deal of Easter. We aren’t actually religious anyway…but I have to say, Gill’s approach of doing nothing but resting for the five days she has off work (her secular version of the Easter story when Jesus supposedly was buried behind,or under, a rock and then rose from the dead on the third day (in Gill’s case, she will emerge from under her Bristol rock the fifth day) comes pretty close to the miracle of Jesus. Although I’m betting that when Gill rises, it’s going to be with a trip to the nearby pub for a pint…and I’m sure her friends will raise a pint(and likely order another round) to her arrival rather than looking to the sky and declaring that the world is saved, that she has risen!

Since I’m writing this a few days before Easter, things could change for us. As is the way with this family, they often do. And if they do, I’ll be sure to let you, our loyal readers, know what brand of mischief or mayhem we get up to. In the meantime, I’m making do by sending out  few Easter cards, stocking up on any Chocolate Easter bunnies I can find on sale, and putting the summer furniture out on the deck…being careful to lift only the lighter objects. Last week, I foolishly thought I could lift my queen-sized mattress to turn it around by myself and ended up giving myself, not only a pain in my ass, but a pain in my back.

So the heaviest thing I’ll be lifting is the lightweight chairs and a large serving of chocolate. ..oh, and Mrs. Beeton’s cage, since I’ve been promising her for days that she will soon be able to have tea on the deck with me as the first day of her official ‘summer’. I say ‘tea’ but I really mean corn chips and guacamole…Mrs. B. is a big fan of guacamole. Happy Holiday, everyone!!