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All of us have frequently urged The Mom to step away from her television and other news feeds for the sake of her own sanity and blood pressure. She almost always ignores us.

However, this time around she had no choice. Something about the Wifi in their apartment somewhere in the far-flung corners of New Zealand not being up to the task. Which made me think that perhaps this is one of the many reasons why I keep seeing articles from reputable sources saying about how all sorts of billionaires and tech geniuses are buying up land out there – ostensibly it’s for the upcoming apocalypse, but you know, maybe they just want to get away from the news too.

It does seem a bit strange to me, in some ways, this idea of The Mom needing to unplug – mostly because she doesn’t have to unplug from as many sources as the rest of us do – her work email is her regular email, her boss is a flock of birds and their tweets aren’t the same things as POTUS 45s, and she doesn’t have a mobile phone. Thus, it is possible for her to unplug herself more frequently, should she be so inclined.

The funny thing is, and L’il Sis and I have noted this in private exchanges, unbeknownst to The Mom, that when she returns from holiday, you know she’s back and over her jet lag when she starts catching up on Facebook. It’s hilarious, She doesn’t adhere to the premise that social media moves quickly, and will dutifully go back and see what she’s missed. It’s endearing to see her post comments on the posts you made weeks ago (and have long since forgotten about). I imagine her sort of getting herself worked up into a bit of a lather about it too. Getting up early one morning to go through her feed to see what’s happening in her friends’ lives, liking all sorts of things, panicking slightly because it’s happened so long ago and she’s only just now noticing, telling people she was away and not just ignoring them. Honestly. The Mom has got to be one of the politest and most involved friends to have on social media – I highly recommend becoming her friend. Anyhow, when our feeds start filling up with her various likes and comments, it’s safe to say she’s back and running on full steam.

And it’s okay that she’s on social media, because most of the news she gets is funny or SNL sketches but it’s when she starts reading up on the news she’s missed that things take a turn. You kind of have to brace yourself for the barrage of outrage these days – and she’s a thousand percent justified in her outrage, it’s just that’s she’s on a time delay of sorts – which means that we have to go through our outrage again with her. No bad thing but it is exhausting. And you don’t want to get stuck in another time delay, because you’ll just be playing catch up.

What we should really do is send her through a Top Ten list of news items she ought to focus on to bring her up to speed. A briefing paper of outrage and vileness as it were. It’s not really much of a welcome back present though, is it?

Funny, I was away – briefly – for a weekend recently, and didn’t have time to read the papers each morning. And it was great. Just not being attached to my laptop and the internet all day everyday was a change of pace, and quite frankly, i slept like a baby (who had been drinking gin and tonics).

We can’t hide from the news all the time – not knowing doesn’t mean it’s not happening – but I think it’s a good thing to do now and again. I mean, I’m sure The Mom’s blood pressure has gone down a notch or two just because of it. No bad thing that.