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Yes, Dear Readers, it’s that time of year again.Gill  is home from across The Pond and we are settling into our routine of living together for a couple of weeks.It’s as if she never left. I’ve stocked up on Cheerios (the big yellow box she can’t get in England), coffee (so she can drop the little brown ‘turds’ left over from the espresso maker in the sink to annoy me),have hung her fuzzy grey robe on the hook in her room and have even given Mrs. Beeton (the pink parakeet) a hot ‘schvitz’ in the bathroom to clean her delicate parakeet sinuses. Gill is forever berating me for not doing this. (I really suspect that she’d like me to do this for her too since she hates the dry air from our central heating — or let her go in with the parakeet).

Our schedule over the holidays will be a frenetic one — trying to visit everyone we want to see, fitting in a couple of cheesy movies, playing in the snow (a novelty now to her …personally, I’m SO over it and can’t wait until I leave for Mexico in January), catching up over a drink or two or five. It’s only been three months since I visited her in Bristol, but of course it seems longer. And this is the first year Crazy D won’t be here on actual Christmas Day. He will be basking in the sun in the Virgin Islands with his girlfriend…can’t say I blame him! At least he’ll be back to have a few days with Gill. This will also be the first year L’il Sis has had someone with her — her fiancee. Exciting times!

Groucho, the Dominican rescue dog, will provide us with many laughs — attired, as he will be, in his warm coat with the faux fur collar. And, if they try to put his boots on, we’re all in for laughs times ten.

So we apologize to you for not posting blogs during Christmas week — but let’s be honest, you’ll be too busy to care or to read them anyway! We will resume the blog the first week of January.

A wonderful holiday season to you all!

Laurie and Gill