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The nights are drawing in here, which means that the rain has started up again, that familiar drizzle that thickens and solidifies the nearer we get to winter.

I have thus far avoided putting on a Proper Winter Coat and have instead been layering up with sweaters and sensible all-weather jackets. And avoiding spending much time outside.

Because this is the time of year when I become if not comepletely then at least pretty much a full blown shut-in. I am fortunate enough to work from home two days a week which means that technically I only have to go out three days out of seven which here, especially in the winter with the heavy rains and gales, is quite the luxury.

Though, marking the change in seasons here for me is a bit less exciting than it is for The Mom. Basically what i do is get the feather duvet back out. That’s pretty much it. Et Voila! It’s autumn. I am prepared.

But this year, rather excitingly, the windows and doors in my flat are being replaced. I say rather excitingly because what I have just now is some seriosuly drafty single glazing.

As a side note, to anyone not from the UK, where it’s quite common to talk about your glazing with literally anyone you may meet, let me explain as best I can. From what I understand, single glazing is essentially a pane of glass in your window. In Canada we don’t have that any more because why would you, it’s not the olden times. But that sort of thing is still in fashion here in some places, so you will sometimes find it. Mostly it means that your house is cold. Double glazing is much better, but what you really want is triple glazing which is quite frankly revolutionary. It means that the feeling of ice coming off the window isn’t there, which is not really that sad a thing to lose.

What I’m also terribly keen on for these new windows and doors, is that they’re going to fit better. They look so modern. (At least the ones on the other side of my building do – I’ve been spying). They look like windows and doors that will shut with a bit of a thud so you know they’re closed properly. And when you open them there might even be a bit of suction. At the moment, there’s a breeze coming from my doors, even when they’re shut tight. The curtains flap around quite a bit during a gale. It takes some getting used to.

Unfortunately but not shockingly things are a bit behind schedule. My new windows and doors were meant to have been installed two weeks ago. The day I waited in for the men to come, I got a letter through the post saying that they weren’t coming. Because they were behind schedule. In retrospect this seems obvious as the scaffolding wasn’t high enough for them to do much of anything anyhow.

But I think things look good for getting them in before December. January at the latest. Which is just as well because it won’t get horribly cold, well, it tends not to, here until mid-January and February.

Though, it’s still dark and gloomy which is reason enough for me to begin my winter weight putting on cake consumption diet. Happy fall.