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Gill just told me that she voted for the first time since her arrival in England. I believe it was only a local election, for mayor and such, but it’s the first time she’s been able to have a say in what happens in her adopted country.

Of course, she’s still on what amounts to ‘probation’ in that she still has to be sponsored by her employer. In two years’ time, if all goes well and the British government, in its zeal to screw up the immigration laws even more, doesn’t again ‘change the goal posts’, she will actually achieve ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’ status. The way David Cameron has continued changing the rules and acting like Lucy to Charlie Brown’s football, I won’t hold my breath. Ironically, Indefinite Leave means she CAN actually leave for a time and return without needing a special visa. It’s not unlike the “Get out of Jail Free ‘card in Monopoly. I do understand Gill’s zeal for voting in Britain — with the upcoming vote on ‘Brexit’. In fact, I suspect that’s the TRUE reason she wanted to be able to vote.

I know she was all fired up with the power of finally being able to vote, but, from what I can gather, she really wanted to vote for a funny guy in red pants and was distressed to discover that he wasn’t running again. Then she feared she ruined part of the ballot since she didn’t want to vote for a Hitler-esque candidate. It all sounded a bit sketchy…not unlike the U.S. presidential election. Now THAT has sketchy written all over it. There are two old white guys (both vehement in their beliefs. One scares me;the other doesn’t. I’ll leave it to you, dear readers, to figure out which is which and an almost as old white lady who looks a lot like Sisyphus, pushing the same old ball up the same old hill.

I know Gill was upset that she couldn’t vote in our last election. She, along with much of Europe and other countries (including Australia where we met a cab driver who couldn’t say enough good things about Justin!) are enthralled with our new P.M. He certainly has launched a successful media campaign but time will tell. The verdict is still out on that. I held out hope — until Justin’s decision to approve an arms sale to Saudi Arabia and his temper tantrum in Parliament. Now I love a good, cathartic ‘F-***you’ as much as the next person, but strong-arm techniques and such undignified language have no place in our Parliament. Take it outside, boys!

I fear politics is the same everywhere. As much as I’m a fan of the U.S., my faith in their system has been sadly shaken with both Trump and Cruz. When you see Republicans burning their Republican membership cards and considering a move to Canada, you know it’s bad. And, although I’m no fan of the media, I feel sorry for television anchors who are being constantly mowed over by Trump’s butt-inski tactics during interviews. His approach is simply to talk louder and longer than everyone else.

So, I have to say, voting for a guy because he wears red pants seems as good a reason as any in this, the silly season in many countries.