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Well, I’ve finally gone and done it. In preparing for my upcoming trip to Australia, I asked Crazy D if I could again borrow his iPad. No problem. We charged it up and were preparing to put some stuff on it to keep me busy during the long flight. We couldn’t access it. He thought he remembered the password from last time but it didn’t work. I tried with other possibilities. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. With both of us throwing up our collective hands in disgust, I considered not taking it. But 15 hours in the air (plus five to Vancouver) is a bit much without something to do other than read. I love reading but my old, tired eyeballs need a rest.

L’il Sis tried to access it too, but she had no better luck.

“Do you suppose Other Brother could help?” I asked hopefully. “He’s good at computer stuff — much better than Crazy D, it has to be said.” And I’m not insulting my son’s capabilities when I say this . He’s an expert when it comes to dealing with HIS technical equipment, but his expertise ends there. He freely admits his ineptitude and frustration with computers…especially Apple. He yearns for the old days when Steve Jobs was still at the helm, when things worked as they should.

“Well, Other Brother might be able to help,” L’il Sis agreed. “But I thought Crazy D said you need your iTunes password. If that’s the case, you’re screwed.”

“Yes, Crazy D did say that. But Gill says he doesn’t have a clue so, you know, large grain of salt! ”

“I think it’s time,” L’il Sis opined.

“Time for what?” I asked, all ears.

“Time to make an appointment with a genius.”

“OMG! Not that,” I said, a look of horror on my face.

Gill and I have written about the genius bar at the Mother Ship store before, but I never really considered that I’d actually ever have to use it. So here I am, my appointment with a genius looming.

Admitting that I am a Luddite, a techie loser, I considered the possibility of taking a ‘minder’ with me. The possibilities were few. L’il Sis would be at work, Gill obviously isn’t here, Other Brother is in Toronto. Crazy D lives close by, but I’m not sure what good he’d do me. His usual reaction to nasty computer issues is to throw a fit and I don’t think The Mother Ship wants that. I’m sure security there is pretty tight.

The day before the appointment :  Crazy D and The Girlfriend came for lunch. I mentioned, with great trepidation, that I had an appointment with the genius. I wondered if he’d consider accompanying me. “I’d rather gouge my eyes out with scissors!” was his response. I took that as a ‘no’.

Day of the appointment:  It went well. I confessed immediately that I was a techie idiot.  He could probably already guess that…old lady, sunglasses on in the store (The Mother Ship is too bright for my struggling old eyes), cloth bag containing the iPad. He told me not to worry, that he’d seen many people who were not good with computers. (After all, without us idiots, he’d be out of a job!)  I suppose that was meant to be comforting. I’ll reserve judgement on it.

The task was finished quickly and the iPad is in working order, accessible to me. I was pleased that I thought to bring all my little scraps of paper on which are written all my passwords, Apple ID number, etc. The genius was impressed. Although he might have been less impressed that I chose to shove these critical numbers and passwords in my bag, willy-nilly. Gill will laugh when she reads this since she despairs of my ridiculous ‘filing system’ for these items without which I cannot function.

All in all, I comported myself quite well, the iPad is now usable and the genius even told me to come back and let him know about my trip to Australia. I’m sure he was just being polite, a good customer service rep, but I might just surprise him by popping in one day for a chat!