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It was my turn to buy the biscuits for my team at work recently. We’re a small lot (literally, we’re the tiniest people in the office) and we need a lot of biscuits. I go through phases where I don’t want to eat the biscuits and would much rather watch owl videos and drink tea, but I like being able to admire the biscuits.

Yes, The Mom is correct. A large part of the excitement for me of eating something is sensory. In Japan, all five senses are ideally involved in a meal. So it doesn’t matter how nicely you cooked your salmon, if it isn’t in harmony with everything else that’s on the plate, it is not considered successful. This is obviously for the more high-end traditional places, but what I like about it is that it considers that there’s more to eating that just stuffing food down your gob. This even goes so far as to include the tableware. I really need to go to Japan.

Nevermind though, because you can enjoy the shape of your biscuits too. Look, there’s not always a lot of beauty or fun in this world, and I say take it where you can get it. I think there’s something delightful about having food come in shapes. It makes it so much more interesting. I mean, a tuna sandwich is a tuna sandwich. They’re everywhere, some are good, and some are bad, but at the end of lunch, it’s still just a sandwich. You wearily take off the plastic wrapping, and shove it in your mouth because eating is perfunctory and you just need to not pass out in the afternoon right? But imagine how much more interesting that sandwich would be if it were in the shape of a dinosaur? Right? A brontosaurus, perhaps. It would just make lunch special.

Anyhow, back to my biscuits. I have known about Penguin biscuits here for some time. They are, sadly, not shaped like penguins, but they do have fun packaging and include a little (bad) joke on each wrapper. Which I enjoy.

You know, it’s like having a sense of style I think. The Mom would beg to differ, or possibly beg that I use my style points elsewhere (we have differing ideas about what is considered attractive in women’s clothing) but I think you have to put style into everything. Life is short, why not only eat food in shapes? You could be the lady who wears only red dresses and only eats dinosaur-shaped food. Why not? I mean, okay, it might be tricky, but you’d get the hang of it. And people would talk. You’d be notorious!

I digress somewhat. The biscuits, the Scottie shortbreads were brilliant. So accurate, you could even see a jaunty smile on the dog’s face. I commend Sainsbury’s highly on this achievement. I liked them so much that I wanted to save them. Which the rest of my team didn’t understand and I know enough about social graces to not bring in new biscuits and then forbid people to eat them because I want to look at them.

We polished them off within a week (it was a small box) but I’ve kept the cardboard box. It’s on my desk now. And whenever I happen to glance upon it it makes me smile. I think of those nice dog-shaped cookies and how – briefly – they made my entire day. I imagined fun and exciting – but brief- lives for them. My teammates and I emailed back and forth about how it was slightly perverse to have to bite the head of a Westie off when one was peckish.

Honestly, you need to get these in your life. Your tea breaks will never be the same.