Dear Readers,

I could blame everything on the frenzy of the Christmas season…but that would be disingenuous on my part. You see, I screwed up and posted the wrong blog on Friday. Was it because I’m so busy decorating my house, setting up the tree, buying gifts for the family, or baking dozens of cookies?

No…I simply read the list wrong. It was at night, my handwriting sucks, and my vision is even worse than my writing. So, many apologies. I posted my blog about ‘Puppies For Rent’ for Tuesday and you can all pretend you haven’t already seen Gill’s wonderful blog about ‘Puppy Power’. Go back and enjoy it again! Thursday, I’ll post a blog that has nothing to do with puppies!

Follow that? I hope so ’cause I’m not convinced I do. Please check in to see if I remember what I just said! I guess, to redeem myself, I’d better get going on my Christmas preparations too…

Have a great day!