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The Mom has been keeping me abreast of all the various dates that have been suggested for their Thanksgiving dinner, which did happen not on the actual day. There has been, according to her emails, rather a lot of horse trading going on. L’il Sis and Crazy D have been bartering over days.

The Mom relayed one of L’il Sis’ most astute comments yet: he changed it once, therefore she is rightfully due a change. I couldn’t agree more. I’m also considering getting Crazy D an intern or PA type person to come and sort out his affairs one or two days a week. I think it would be an excellent gift. Maybe one that the rest of us would enjoy more than he does, but never mind, it would be useful. Because trying to get him to sort something out and then stick to it is like herding cats. Exhausting and usually fruitless. This is because he has a lot of options, a lot of potential plans that could unfold at a moment’s notice, which is generally how he likes to roll. The rest of us like having something to look forward to.

In particular, The Mom. L’il Sis and I can generally go with the flow, though if you said you’d be somewhere at a certain time, you’d best turn up. The Mom prefers to know exactly where we’ll be going, when, for how long, what will happen, who will be there, what they might like to discuss, what will be served to eat and drink, and what everyone else will be wearing. It is equally exhausting to try and corral her into doing something, that and if you tell her the thing is starting around 7pm, she will turn up exactly on the dot of 7pm. And I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just that everybody else doesn’t do it, so nobody counts on it, and there can be a few awkward moments when we turn up ready for Fun, and the hosts are still in their pjs.

Over here, we will have Thanksgiving, eventually. It’s just that scheduling has also become an issue. My two girlfriends here both spend time at the weekends in not Bristol. At the moment our one friend is in Frankfurt, I’m on the way to London, and I think our other friend is probably in Cardiff. You can see as how organising a date when we’re all in town with no other plans is proving difficult. But it’ll happen. In about a month. Which is fine as one friend is American, so we’re deferring to America for Thanksgiving this year, and I’m told there may even be a jello casserole thing on the menu. Which I’ve never had and am desperate to… not necessarily eat, but certainly to behold.

I used to laugh when I was younger, at how difficult it was to get parents to set a date to do anything. I was always keen on doing it now and if that wasn’t an option, then tomorrow was the next best thing. I never understood what it was all these adults were doing, but now I know. They’ve had plans in the diary for months, if not years. Because it takes a lot of planning to get a bunch of people together, feed and water them. And I’ve also realised that life, in general, is rather exhausting and that it’s rather nice to just spend a weekend flaked out on the couch, doing absolutely nothing, including bathing.

My one fear, given the Thanksgiving scheduling nightmare, is that Christmas will be a similar fiasco. Only thing is, that I’m flying in for that one. I informed The Mom that I would not take kindly to any rescheduling. Christmas happens on the 25th of December. Turn up. And if there looks to be any horse trading I told her to tell whoever was trying to start something that I was spending nearly $900CAD to be there on the right date, so everyone else would just have to deal with it. Which I think is eminently fair.