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Every since L’il Sis and The Pig moved out, The Mom has been moping. The Mom is the sort of person who functions best with a trail of scrabbly people or other creatures following closely at her heel. She likes to feel crowded by creatures she’s likely to trip over. And to have someone or something hankering away for anything in the kitchen. She likes to feed things, and takes great pleasure in the grateful expressions she receives as thanks.

I had thought that Mrs Beeton the parakeet would fit this requirement to a T. Having seen The Mom hang out and play and generally bend over backwards when my old parakeet was in residence, I had felt that the parakeet would fill the void that a dogless house has. I was incorrect. The mom prefers a more active pet to while away the afternoons with.

Not that she didn’t enjoy the parakeet’s company, but it’s more that he( and now Mrs Beeton), much preferred  to spend the afternoon sitting down and sleeping. Not much for long walks or adventures, parakeets.

Anyhow, the days leading up to the arrival of The Pig for a sleepover was not unlike the days leading up to a visit for me to London. There is much in the way of anticipation, and all sorts of ideas are thrown around as to what we can do. I’m fairly certain that after L’il Sis dropped Piggy off, The Mom sat there and went over a list she would’ve drawn up in the week.

“Okay, Piggy. Now in return for not ruining the house, I think we could go and chase bunnies in the gully, then we can go for a swamp walk, and I’ve got some salmon thawing on the counter for dinner. Then we can curl up in the nest and watch crappy rom-com films on TV. How does that sound?”

Honestly, it’s not at all unbelievable.

I was quite pleased to hear that The Mom would get some quality dog time, as she goes a bit funny when she’s without a dog for too long. Her walks seem much less interesting when she’s on her own. I’ve tried to entertain her myself, but the sight of me loping through the bushes apparently isn’t as funny as when a beagle does it. That and The Mom is probably concerned that i’ll trip and hurt myself (which is fair).

The idea though that Piggy was in receipt of an invitation to American Thanksgiving was a bit of a shocker. Our American neighbours have incredibly well-trained creatures in their home. Both the dog and their wee girl have impeccable manners. I can only imagine The Mom having to sit Piggy down for a long chat in advance of their arrival.

I am however very glad to hear that the dog did nothing to disgrace herself, which is quite frankly a small miracle. But I suppose it’s also nice to have something so immediate to give thanks for.

I do hope The Mom said as much at the table. that she was thankful for not only the Pig’s company, but also her good behaviour.