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I realize that Mother’s Day is long gone, but the one good thing about having kids scattered far and wide is that the celebration goes on for days. This year, Gill was way ahead of things and sent my gift off in advance, feeling confident that it would arrive well before The Day. In fact, so confident was she that she mentioned it, told me to watch for it in the mail (thus ensuring that the anticipation would give her many extra brownie points) and asked every day if it had arrived. I checked dutifully each day but finally had to report that, regrettably, the package still had not arrived on the Friday before, the last mail delivery day before Mother’s Day.

Gill was pissed. “I can’t believe it!” she ranted. “I actually got my shit together and sent a gift early. And between the Royal Mail and Canada Post, they managed to thwart me! Let it go down on the record (the one I keep on Good Children and Bad Children and their ability to  recognize Important Days in Mom’s Life) that I did everything humanly possible to observe Mother’s Day!”

I’m sure she was more bothered than I. I know that all three kids love and appreciate me and I don’t really need a gift to prove it…that having been said, a wee token is always nice. And for Gill, the real kicker came when I announced that Crazy D, off somewhere in the world on The Amazing Race Canada, managed to arrange for a bouquet of flowers to arrive precisely on Mother’s Day. “Damn that guy!” Gill fumed. “How does he, the most disorganized guy on the face of the earth, manage to pull that off? And he even got in a phone call on the day! What are the odds of THAT happening?” A mother should be so lucky as to have her kids fighting over who can show the most love! And here I am…

L’il Sis, being the only one at home, was the designated ‘slave for the day’, helping me dig the gardens and do other heavy manual labour. She dug and I mowed the lawn. And then we sat on the deck drinking gin and tonics, followed by dinner from a wonderful new pizza place with Mrs.Beeton and The Pig relaxing under the blossoming crabapple tree (a perfect match for Mrs. B’s pink plumage).

Of course, it wouldn’t truly be a Best family Mother’s Day without a pet emergency. The Pig was ‘helping’ us in the garden –by chasing chipmunks– when she was stung on her paw by a bee. L’il Sis tried to get out the stinger but couldn’t see it. This was followed by an Academy Award worthy performance by The Pig, holding her sore paw up while sporting a stricken look on her face. The internet was consulted to check out signs of allergic reactions in dogs, then the emergency vet was phoned. Piggy seemed fine as far as allergic reactions went, but she did not appreciate the baking soda paste or the ice pack we attempted to administer. In the end, the thing that worked best was a cheese bribe, serving to distract her from the pain, if only momentarily.

But she knew she had won Mother’s Day, paws down. I would have expected nothing less…but since she was a mother long ago herself, I’ll be gracious and let her have this one. But wait until next year. That one’s MINE!