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My treat for this week was a KLM airlines ad that went viral. It featured an adorable beagle, sporting a work vest with the KLM initials, running through the airport returning travelers’ lost items to them. How did he know the proper owners? By their smell on the items, of course. Finally the beagle nose is being used for something more ‘customer friendly’  than finding drug dealers. I laughed out loud and made everyone we know watch it. Of course, it goes without saying that I could see The Pig doing that job. And doing it exquisitely.

Since she is between jobs at the moment (she lost her place in line to be a therapy dog because of a mix-up with the medical requirements), I am going to contact the airlines to put her name forward as a possibility. And until we get official authorization, we are working on The Pig’s (and L’il Sis’) Hallowe’en costume. You guessed it — the KLM beagle rides again…along with her flight attendant L’il Sis.

Gill was delighted with both the video and the thought that The Pig could be gainfully employed.

“So what you have to do,” she emailed me excitedly, “Is get Other Brother over, get him to drive you and The Pig to the airport and film her returning stuff to people. Then send it to KLM…even if they don’t hire The Pig, you might get free tickets to Amsterdam. I’ll meet you there. It’s a cheap flight from here. It’ll be great! The Pig will love it. And they’d probably let her have her own seat. Maybe even let her ride shotgun with the pilot! She could wear her KLM outfit.”

Gill seemed awfully eager to find The Pig a job — especially with her current angst about starting a new one herself. Or perhaps she figures The Pig has potential to be a superstar and thus earn millions in residuals — thus enabling Gill to pay off her student loans. Not a bad plan as plans go. The Pig has the looks — and the chutzpah– to pull it off.

My only reservation about The Pig’s potential job is her issue with focus. She is a constant sniffer, following her nose on the path of rabbits. She will not be deterred until she finds one — or a rotten sandwich some kid has thrown under a bush. If given perhaps a lost cell phone to return to a traveler, what happens if the phone has the smell of egg salad sandwich on it as well as the person’s scent? I know The Pig well enough to know that the egg salad comes first. It’s all about prioritizing. So the hapless traveler with the missing phone might have to wait until The Pig hits a Mr. Sub and wolfs down her lunch before returning the phone. It’s a hazard of the job, I guess.

When I suggested the Hallowe’en costume idea to L’il Sis, she jumped on it. After all, the costume would be simple to make. And much easier than the pig outfit she had planned to make for the dog. You may laugh, but years ago, when L’il Sis had an old man beagle named Wilbur, she made him a stunning ‘Sherlock Hound’ outfit — complete with proper cap and made in houndstooth wool fabric. He was the rock star of the neighbourhood.

I just reread this blog …and I thought, ‘people must think we’re nuts. I mean, who dresses their dogs up for Hallowe’en and wants to ‘pimp them out’ to earn money?” I’m pointing no fingers, but Martha Stewart, are you listening?