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Those of you who follow this blog regularly will know that Gill is here for a holiday, some rest and quiet. Having said that, I don’t know why she thinks she will get peace and/or quiet here. It will be chaos and bedlam from the time she enters until she leaves. Mr. Pants (Crazy D’s puppy) will be with us for a few days, Crazy D himself is trying to tie up the last details of his Great Continental Divide bike ride (yes, he HAS chipped himself), and there will be several trips to the airport, Toronto, and places in-between. We had hoped for a family road trip but Crazy D will be busy riding off a cliff somewhere in the U.S. In order to make room for Gill, I’ve moved my canary flock into my spacious bathroom, turning them into their own refugee camp for the duration. Gill asked for a bed to sleep in, her fuzzy robe to be made available, and access to our community pool. She will have that. Beyond that, all bets are off.

This is all leading to the announcement that we will be taking a week off from our blog beginning August 4. We will return on August 11, all things being equal and nobody having committed themselves to an asylum. Wait a minute, this IS the asylum!

We look forward to doing more absurd things with which to regale you upon our return.

Cheers, Laurie and Gill