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Today is Canada Day and so I’ll wish all our fellow Canucks a happy holiday…except the folks at Blackberry.

Now I’ve been following The Struggles (as opposed to The Troubles in Northern Ireland) for quite some time. I even lost money holding onto their stock for too long in the false hope that they would rebound to their former glory. I was loyal to them…well, for a bit. And where has it gotten me? Besides out of a lot of money, they have turned their collective backs on Gill in her time of need.

How, you ask? By withdrawing their sponsorship of Canada Day celebrations in London’s Trafalgar Square. So she has to skulk to some nasty local pub to find fellow Canucks, celebrating our great country in some dark, dank, cheerless establishment instead of out in the happy light of day where other island inhabitants can appreciate them. So Blackberry, a pox on your house…or phones. Oops, I forgot — you’ve already put a pox on them yourselves.

I had heard via the grapevine that their corporate sponsorship was down but you’re telling me they couldn’t spring for a few beers and sausages with maple syrup for our Great Day? Perhaps some Tesco cupcakes with tiny Canadian flags on them? Why, I’d be willing to send the flags myself. (I accidentally bought too many at the grocery store, not realizing that L’il Sis still had some left over from last year.) They are so tiny that the postage (usually exorbitant to the UK) wouldn’t even be an issue. And think how festive all those little flags would be waving atop cupcakes all over the Square. I’m sure it would do a lot to solidify our national reputation as happy, polite people always ready with a smile…until you mess with our Tar Sands or pipelines. Then we get ugly…are you listening, Mr. Obama?

It just occurred to me…I wonder if Blackberry is sponsoring the big outdoor concert here this summer, the one with Bryan Adams and Steven Tyler. If they are, I hope they don’t try to cut more corners by opting out of it too. Just imagine Tyler standing on the road outside their building, letting rip with The Scream directed at Blackberry’s management. On second thought, if that DID happen, it would be my big chance to see and hear Tyler myself since Blackberry headquarters are right down the street. And since tickets have been sold out for months, that would be my silver lining.

So despite Blackberry’s nefarious behaviour, I wish Gill and all her expat friends in London a happy (and not too drunk) Canada Day.