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No one back home can cope without a dog for more than a few minutes. They get twitchy, it’s honestly a horrible thing to see. It’s like watching someone deep in the throws of the DTs. Crying and screaming for help that will not come.

But of course, for those in need of a hound fix, the next fix is not far away. Especially when L’il Sis and Other Brother stalk the internet looking for hounds they could adopt. Even when they’ve got more than they can handle.

I knew that, after poor Elvie passed, it was only a matter of time before I would get the email that said,” We’re just going to look.”

Because going to look is a bad family habit. It’s a latent one, but it rears its ugly head from time to time. Everyone knows you’re about to go and do a stupid thing, but of course, knowing the mayhem and chaos that will happen once the stupid thing is done. It’s particularly bad where pets are concerned. Chronic, one might say.

As has been mentioned several times on this blog previously, going to look was how The Mom came home with Poochie. I do believe it may also have been how we came home with Newton (my parakeet). It’s certainly how we end up with rather a lot of food in the house, going out to buy a tin of tomatoes and coming back with a bag of fish heads, a loaf of interesting bread, a new pair of curious shoes and something from the International Foods aisle.

This is because everyone in my family, in our family, has a deep and unabiding love of a good story. We’re not bringing home vegetables or dogs or whatever else, we’re bringing home a talking point.

Case in point. Sometime during our high school years, The Mom was out running her errands and when we came home from school there was a watermelon with yellow flesh. I, immediately, took to it. Delightful! How novel! I wonder what it tastes like, where does it come from, why is like this, how did they get it to be yellow, and on and on to the point where I believe The Mom regretted her choice in fruit selection.

Crazy D on the other hand was not so easily entertained. Mind control watermelon, he decided. And refused to eat it.

But we talked about it for the entire dinner, and possibly well into the night. Still, to this day, we talk about mind control watermelon. And have expanded the mind control group of foods to include other things, which possibly might include UFO squash (which are, I think, some kind of zucchini in the shape of small alien spacecraft, and they are tasty, especially on the BBQ). IT’s got to the point now where one can request alien spacecraft squash and mind control watermelon for dinner. The Mom doesn’t even bat an eyelash.

So, if you figure that we require this level of interest for our food, you can only imagine the high standards to which we hold pets or potential pets.

Thus, I expect, when I meet the new hound that she will be full of the kind of get up and go, ‘when the going gets weird the weird go pro’ kind of can-do attitude that is a necessity in our house.