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Gill informed me recently that Robin Thicke’s latest hit music video “Blurred Lines” has been banned from some university unions in the UK. It is (no surprise here given the general tone of pop culture) misogynistic and offensive to women. It’s about time somebody recognized the issue for what it is.

But more alarming still is the fact that Robin’s father is a good Canadian boy. Clearly Alan hasn’t forced the boy to spend enough time on Canadian soil or in the backwoods of The Frozen North…preferably behind the woodshed, if you get my drift. Why, what with Thicke Wits and the Rob Ford disaster, we’re ruined! Our reputation as quiet, unremarkable, ‘don’t rock the boat’ types whose favorite phrase is ‘I’m sorry’ is going down the tubes.

I am amazed (not in a good way) at how quickly standards of decency have hit the skids. I’m pretty liberal in my thinking, but it’s been all downhill since singers began grabbing their crotches. Excuse me, Michael Jackson. As much as I was a fan, I didn’t like that part of your dancing. Bottom was hit when Miley and Robin did their  ‘slutacular’ at the MTV Awards. I agree that there were many egregious elements in that performance. And I’m glad I’ve raised daughters who are, excuse the word, feminists and can recognize sexist behaviour when they see it. But I prefer, as always, to take the high road and see it as a positive moment, a learning experience. So I have compiled a list of things learned from the spectacle.

1. How to audition for Stacey London’s “What Not To Wear” series. Both Miley and Robin would have been excellent candidates. Where to begin — the striped suit, the accessorizing with a foam finger? Come to think of it, maybe that was what caused Stacey’s show to end. Even Stacey couldn’t fix what was wrong.

2. The English language, staid old form of communication that it is, was gifted a new word : twerking. Who would have thought that little ol’ Miley would change the course of our language? Problem is, spellcheck hasn’t yet caught up with her innovation…every time I type ‘twerk’, it is changed to ‘tweak’. And I think she was doing a bit more than tweaking. ‘Nuff said.

3. Women really can’t catch a break. Either Miley is criticized for allowing herself to be exploited, or using her platform (heels) to sell product (thus exploiting her audience), raked over the coals for being a ruthless businesswoman (aggressive bitch), or being a typical spoiled brat performer (think Justin Bieber) gone off the rails. Robin’s song lyrics do not generate nearly as much rage and indignation. Although, I’m betting his wife had a little somethin’ somethin’ to say (since the lyrics were purportedly written for/about her) when he got home that night.

All in all, the whole incident deserves to be forgotten. It won’t be and that is part of the tragedy of modern media. I just thank my lucky stars that I am past the child-rearing stage. But probably not as grateful as Billy Ray and Alan Thicke are! And perhaps that is the real problem…