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It’s a rare moment for me, over here, when my UK friends all start congratulating me on coming from a place that has a mayor who is worse than Boris Johnson and Silvio Berlesconi, combined.

Yes, I must thank you Mr. Rob Ford. You have outdone yourself. And continue to do so. My Facebook feed is positively blooming with posts and videos and links about what an epic train wreck you are. It’s quite nice, actually, in a strange way.

Because, like The Mom says, Canada has always been known as the country so dull, where nothing ever happens, that it’s almost an afterthought on the international scene. Sometimes we make headlines over here, but even those are usually with perfunctory things, like the new Head of the Bank of England who is Canadian.

So, we’ve got Mark Carney, and he was a fairly good introduction for the British to Canadians. They got used to him, being reasonable and good at what he does, but not making any kind of gaffe, which rendered him completely uninteresting to the media and public over here.

And then there was Rob Ford. People over here are so confused but also incredibly delighted with him, that it’s hard to explain that secretly all Canadians are not like this.

What’s making it even harder to explain, is that we can’t get rid of him.

I was telling CatLady about his recent escapades and she, rightfully so, threw her hands in the air and said, “Well, just get rid of him. He’s admitted to smoking crack. That’s illegal.”

And she is correct. However, for reasons I don’t quite understand, that is not possible. Which leaves a lot to the imagination.

And what’s even more bizarre is that his popularity seems to be increasing.

Which leads me to the only logical conclusion. It must be some kind of performance art, a critique of the impotence of government.

I mentioned the topic to The Mom recently and she was so livid she couldn’t even speak. And this is normally a woman who will gleefully recite all the stupid things some American politican has done and then send me, as though to support her argument, clippings frm the local papers.

“I can’t even,” she said. “Don’t get me started.”

The Mom doesn’t normally pay attention to Toronto politics as she doesn’t live there. So when Im at home, Crazy D and I often discuss such things, if only briefly. It’ll be a strange moment when I’m home for Christmas this year and the chat turns to Rob Ford as it inevitably will, and for some years to come.

But, to all things there is a silver lining, which I think The Mom will be particularly keen on. Which is this: for the moment, Rob Ford has managed to drag away all the media attention on America and their dysfunctional government. My boss at work, who is himself an American, was quite pleased with the turn of events.

The moment the news broke in all its glory, he turned to me and just smiled. “Thanks,” he said. “From all of us.”