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I know Gill has always wanted to go to Cuba. She is particularly enamored of the fifties American cars and old architecture (however crumbling) of Havana. Well, she doesn’t need to go that far. All she needs to do is come home.

Last weekend, Crazy D rocked up and proceeded to do laundry. But all his fancy biking gear is made of merino wool and other fabrics that shouldn’t go anywhere near a dryer — at least MY dryer. I call it the Shrinky-Dink Magic Machine. (Side note: I was just about to ‘help’ him out by throwing everything into the dryer when he caught me…talk about dodging a bullet!) So he dried things the traditional way: by draping them over the upstairs hall railing.

“What? Are we living in a slum apartment in Havana?” I asked pointedly. I had been transported, via his laundry, back to the apartment balconies in Cuba. “We’re having guests tonight. I doubt they want to see your ‘intimates’ and biking ensembles on display the moment they arrive!” Or maybe they DO and that’s a bigger problem.

I was even more nervous for the future since Crazy D is going to be staying here for a while. This could be a prelude of weeks to come.

Did I mention that I will have a full house soon? As you may be aware, L’il Sis and The Pig are moving in with me for an indeterminent length of time. They have a few weeks to make the move, so L’il Sis is doing it gradually, bringing a few boxes whenever she comes. I’m thrilled to now have the only matching set of dress dummies (Judys, as they are known in the industry) in my neighborhood — one in the garage and one in what was going to become my newly decorated office. Note the use of the word WAS. We both agreed that it made sense to turn this room into L’il Sis’ work room. Soon it will be filled with sewing machines, bolts of fabric and patterns strewn about the floor.

The only problem I have with the plan is that this room is right by the front door and it has large front windows to the porch and glass doors, thus allowing any guests to see exactly how messy my house is even before they step inside. My secrets will be out.Then, when they make it inside, there will be our version of Havana Central with Crazy D’s laundry flapping in the breeze. This took me down nostalgia road and reminded me of Gill’s former Scottish boyfriend and his tendency to ‘dry’ his laundry above the frying bacon in the kitchen. All things considered, the tone in my house is about the same.

I suspect it’s time to put away those decorating magazines. My house is never going to look pretty. And as for a consistent style flowing from room to room? Ha! The only things flowing from room to room will be garbage, laundry and pets. My hallway will be Early ‘Havana slum’, the front room ‘Kitch ‘n Stitch’ Modern, the family room DogTown Alley, and the kitchen, Mom’s Homestyle Diner and Tavern — catering to odd diets and closet (desperate) drinkers among us.There may be more of us by the time this adventure is done.

But I must say, my kids can be sensitive when the occasion demands. After my pointed remarks about Cuban balconies, Crazy D  moved his laundry — to a drying rack set up in the family room. He can now watch his intimates dry while he’s viewing reruns of Law and Order. I passed through the room yesterday and broke into tears. “What’s wrong, Mom?” Crazy D asked.

“Nothing,” I replied. “It’s just that this takes me back to when Gill was living here and she put her laundry up in the same spot. Brings back fond memories.”

“Well, that’s what we’re about, Mom…giving you happy memories.”

Take that, Cindy Crawford! Your house may be more stylish, but I’ll bet mine is more fun…